When Your Ad Campaign Makes News

The Wall St. Journal technology blog, “digit,” posted commentary yesterday about the ongoing feud between Adobe’s Flash product and Apple. (http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2010/05/13/from-adobe-to-apple-with-love-not-really/?mod=rss_WSJBlog&mod=)┬áThis is an instance of companies competing over technology standards, prompted by new product capabilities (in this case, the proprietary Apple software running iPhones and iPads) and the ever evolving Internet. What’s interesting about this debate is the tactic that Adobe has used to draw attention–an advertising campaign. This is not unique in and of itself, however, the company has put itself front and center in the spotlight and resulted in a more public “back and forth” from the PR teams at the two companies. Yesterday’s blog post was updated today with a comment from the Apple PR spokesperson who confirmed the company is a supporter of open Web standards, unlike the Adobe Flash product. It seems Apple is correct, according to the W3 consortium that sets web standards. The consortium has officially endorsed HTML5 as an open web standard, which may eliminate the need for the Adobe Flash product. So, it’s a war of words, if you will.