U.S. media love affair with Barack Obama wanes

Like the passing love affairs that Donald Trump has with each new wife, cracks seem to be appearing in the I-Heart-Obama campaign by American media. Today’s article by marketing columnist Denny Hatch is a fair criticism of PR gaffes by the current administration. And this critique is from a man who was an unabashed supporter of the current president. Regardless of your political bent, his comments are right on the mark when it comes to perception vs. reality. It’s an interesting read: http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/article/barack-obama-ceos-dont-understand-art-science-public-relations/2. What’s more, among the many links in the article regarding possible replacements for his presidential press secretary (both Democrats & Republicans), I found this particular video clip

 from an interview with George Will on the Charlie Rose show circa 2008. Note this juicy quote: “The three great love affairs in world history were Romeo & Juliet, Abelard and Heloise and the American Media and Barack Obama. And we’ll see how long this one lasts.”