This news story has gone viral. Not because of the home invasion. Or attempted rape. These topics are not funny. What has gained so much popularity is the reaction of the victim’s brother who has a few words to say to the perpetrator.

24 thoughts on “A news story gone awry…

  1. Although this news clip was very popular, I have to wonder if it did more harm than good for the news station. It’s questionable if they intended it to be humorous or if they simply didn’t quite know how to present this particular story. If their intention was to have the public take it seriously than their competence is in question. It would be interesting to see if their average viewership increased after this new segment, if it did, then I would guess that most of the new viewers are waiting to see a new humorous clip. I doubt this news station wants the general public to view them as anything but presenting credible news, this makes me question if they did the right thing in airing this story.

    1. I would have to agree with Kevin N. I feel that the news story took away the seriousness of the crime. A woman was almost raped in her own home and the biggest news from the situation was of a man making a humorous video. While the video has become very popular it does nothing for the woman who was attacked. While the video has become viral it shouldn’t have been attached to the news story.

  2. Attempted rape is a serious crime and should in no way be demeaned by making it humorous or part of a profit-making viral video- taking away the severity of the crime. However, the news station was in no way taking away from the brutality of the story in their initial news story. The news station could in no way predicted someone using it to create the “remix”, or it becoming a viral video. The news station shouldn’t be deemed incompetent because people decide to get creative. The source is Antoine Dodson himself, who is now making quite a buck off this story and was able to move his family to a safer neighborhood. I’m sure if you asked Antoine he wouldn’t take it back that people pulled out humor from a very serious situation. Everyone wins here.

    1. I agree that rape is no laughing matter and it is unfortunate that the way Antoine expressed himself led to such a huge internet meme, since it ultimately does make light of a serious situation. That being said, the story was a live feed, so I doubt anyone at the news station would have anticipated the ensuing humor that resulted from the interview. It’s really strang the things that will explode into popular culture, I’m sure the Dodson family is grateful that something good came out of the situation. I’d heard that Antoine had gotten enough money through various endorsement deals to purchase a house outside of the projects for his family and is in talks for a reality show. I’m not sure he could actually sustain a show though. I guess we’ll see, there’s worse out there.

  3. This young man’s use of language and inflection is pretty incredible. This post is a snapshot of the malleability of our language. Here is an article about the way that common use can change phrases.
    On a different, but similar note I read somewhere that pluralization of words is common in the African American culture because there weren’t indicators of singular or plural in the African languages of the slaves. I thought that was interesting and answered a question I had about a tendency to pluralize words that aren’t plural.

  4. I feel this may be modern day example of a family’s ability and response at trying to survive and how humor can be used as a way of dealing with these tough situations. Although it may not be conventional, I think that young man had it right-ish.

    He also may have felt frustrated that it took an attempted rape to get the attention of the press in his neighborhood.

    Not everyone deals with serious situations in the same way and getting through it is highly personal. In society, we seem to forget that just because people don’t respond the way we think they should, it doesn’t mean their way is wrong. If we truly want to be all inclusive, we can’t cookie cutter emotion.

    What I am wondering and I think what the better question about this story would be, is: Would this story have been televised if he hadn’t acted the way he did?

    I feel he may of also been a little outlandish and the news channel may have tried to exploit that, but who am I to judge.

  5. What’s important in this story is the way media spread an opinion incredibly fast and effectively. Attempt of rape, and other crimes are in the news everyday. We watch it, get chocked, talk about it and forgot. Moreover, the story and the situation are presented in a way that is almost impossible not to laugh!
    What hasn’t been forgot is Antoine Dodson. His street language and attitude resulted in a remixed song, which went viral. It shows how much public opinion matters. A single piece of news can convey an unwanted image of you to the world. It also shows as easy it is for the public to have an opinion about everything that happens.
    It demonstrates how it’s important to manage your image, in a day-to-day basis, because you never know what’s going to create a public opinion next. Your self-image conveyed through social or alternative media can suddenly create a buzz, in a positive or negative way. I was really happy to see that Antoine took profit of the situation, even if it’s not going to last a long. Well managing a public opinion situation like this one can result in incredible opportunities, even if I don’t think Antoine is going to go much further.
    Nowadays, the public can makes is own opinion about and through everything. And that means more threats and opportunities.

  6. Yes this video is funny. It makes everyone giggle a little. It shouldn’t have been associated with the news channel however because it makes them look unprofessional. Rape is not a joking matter, but Antoine said all of that in front of his sister, and I’m sure it didn’t really upset her. Looking at the whole thing and looking at where he is now and how well known he is, it just says a lot about the US. If you are funny, and everyone can watch you on youtube being funny, then you can easily become famous and make lots of money, all just from being humorous about something that should’t be joked about in the first place.

    1. Alexi, I don’t see how this makes the news channel seem unprofessional. While I agree, they probably knew it looked and sounded funny, which is why they probably decided to air that segment, as long as the behavior wasn’t encouraged or scripted, I dont see the unprofessionalism behind it.

      The subject of the segment is no laughing matter, its just unfortunate coincidence that Antoine had to voice his anger in a funny way. FYI many stand up comedians have made their living that way, in that they are just voicing their opinions, and not necessarily trying to be funny.

  7. Attempted rape is a serious subject, however this Antoine individual made it humorous. Antoine venting towards the camera was unusual and that is what made it so funny. I believe it’s part of human instinct to find humor in things that are different. The mannerisms displayed by both brother and sister create an identity for people who live in the projects. Not only did this news segment cover a crime, but also the unfamiliar reaction of the victims. I feel that this is a good reporting because it gives the public entertainment.

  8. It’s supposed to be a very serious topic, but Antoine made it so amusing. I’m not sure about the news channel that what they really want to get from the audiences because this makes them look really unprofessional, yet they might want to be different than other news channels. From the marketing stand points, Antoine did a great job to seize the opportunity for himself because he’s a unique one. Somebody might feel wired that a rapper is able to report the news and makes a lot of money by using his humor. Personally, this video is very funny, but for some reasons, this could impact the news channel’s credibility and image. Nevertheless, I think that if someone wants to get famous, doing something wired or crazy might help them to become popular very quick like Antoine.

  9. I think the video is so funny! I can’t believe how much fame Antoine has been given! He has already taken over popular sites like Facebook, Youtube and now they are coming out with a T- Shirt line for him. I am not surprised that news channels showed this video because Antoine is who he is and that’s how he talks/ acts. Antoine didn’t do the interview to become a household name, he did it to help try and catch his sister’s attacker. I honestly don’t think Antoine knew what the outcome of that interview was going to be. He just wanted to help his sister. Yet, our society found it humorous all because his Mannerisms are out of the “norm”.

  10. You might find that the guy is funny and hilarious. But, this video combines crime, sexual abuse, and attempted raping a girl while she’s sleeping. This is a very serious and major problem; let’s all pretend if she got raped what could possibly happen to her and her family. The brother seems very emotional and angry; I don’t blame the brother about his reactions, even that he is over reacted front of the camera. If the same thing happened to me I would be crazy as hell and try to do my best to protect my family. Of course in a different way than that brother!

  11. On the same topic of how a video can go viral, I found this interesting commercial, in which Vodafone take advantage of a video that creates buzz on Youtube about one year ago. This funny guy made a video, while he was on some hallucinogens and tripping about a double rainbow. This video went viral, because it is unexpected and hilarious. Vodafone understood that by using this buzz video, they would reach an impressive number of people. They used the story to create a humorous commercial, to advertise their “double back” credit. They amplified the first video; still using the same exaggerate exaltation from this guy that makes it so funny. Vodafone took effectively advantage of this great opportunity. This video was already well known, so by using it, they knew they would reach easily those people that already laugh a lot about this guy’s video.
    I saw the guy’s video a while ago, and I thought it was really entertaining and when I realized it became a commercial, I was really interested about it. I enjoyed seeing that someone took advantage of this buzz, and thought it was worth posting it.

    Here is the link for the two videos:

  12. I agree with those that feel like the news station made a mistake in airing this as a segment. Perhaps it is a station that does not get much viewer-ship, or is in a fairly small market, but it is hard to believe seeing this air on any station in the Portland area.

    This being a story in the first place leads me to believe that it may be a station that does not have a huge amount of local news to cover. Yes, rape is no laughing matter and is horrible, but I’m not so sure a story of attempted rape in this matter is necessarily evening news worthy. Antione made it news worthy.

  13. His original rantings on TV, what is posted above, should not have been aired. The TV station seemed like a joke in the first place; someone put that news story together and thought it was a good idea to air that piece during the live broadcast.

    As for the music video about this, I think it is very cleaver and the creator has a talent for slicing film together. Just hysterical. If you haven’t seen the music video, look it up. Antoine has been on BET and made other television appearances because of what someone else made about him. The idea of rape and protecting his sister went to the way-side when it became an opportunity to make money.

    Rape, home invasion, and violence is ever entertainment when it happens in real life, but the original message certainly got lost even in the airing of the news program. Can’t blame the kid making the music video for that.

  14. This topic, this issue and this video are not funny at all. However, everything changed after the victim’s brother showed up. As a audience, I was very serious and paying attention about what was happening to the victim. But when the victim’s brother showed up and start to talk in his own way, the first thing I do is laugh. But the amazing thing is that even though the victim’s brother was keep saying something random, but what he was saying didn’t out of the topic. Therefore, as a audience, I can understand the news in a different and funny way was pretty amazing me. Thats maybe was the reason why the news director choose to put that on the news so it can attract the audience pay more attention on it.

  15. My concern regarding this news story, and subsequent YouTube phenomenon, was the need for coverage in the first place. Yes, it’s a terrible thing to even attempt rape towards another, but I’m curious how the station or the producer came to the conclusion that this event was particularly newsworthy relative to others? Crimes occur throughout the city every day, is this the ‘mean world syndrome’ at play, or an example of sensationalistic news?

  16. I wanted to give everyone a little update on how Antoine Dodson is progressing as an internet star. There is a new online “movie” called The Chronicles of Rick Roll where iconic YouTube characters all join forces on a quest through the internet (the movie is assuming the internet is a real physical place).
    This is a perfectly hilarious example how 15 seconds of fame can turn into something much bigger with the right PR or more specifically with a stellar social media campaign. Someone is using this popularity of these fine folks current fame to launch something real, or real entertaining.

    I have come across this movie on Facebook, twitter, and even on popular blogs like Tosh.0. As someone who is aspiring to become better acquainted with social media this seems to be well coordinated.

    Check out the trailer here: or the Facebook page!

  17. Crimes happen every day and funny videos come every day too. Some people are taking the serious side of this video others want to see it for the funny part of the video. He wasn’t trying to be funny and he was very serious about this issue. I am sure that he wasn’t intending to do that in front of the news camera in the first place.
    My question is: I wonder if he got interviewed again in front of camera news. Will he act like that again? I am sure he will!

  18. I think people like to bond over subject matter that is slightly unnerving but also partly humiliating at the same time. Perfect example on television is Funniest Home Videos, most of the content it people hurting themselves or doing something very humiliating. Viral videos takes it to the next level by making it available for everyone to watch, post and comment. I am glad this man got a job out of it!

  19. The first time I was shown this news story I had to be convinced by my brother in law that it was real and actually ran on the news somewhere. Relating this to class, I’m sure that there were more “news worthy” stories locally or throughout the world but none with the combination of humor & seriousness that this one had. It’s amazing that when you combine the power of the internet + video an unknown citizen can reach celebrity status overnight.

    I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this video but just in case:

  20. I think the guy got his point across?! The news should of probably cut him out since the whole seriousness of the message was gone.

  21. I don’t believe that the news story took away the seriousness of the crime. It is in our human nature to enjoy giggling at funny things or people. In this case, it looks like Antoine was being himself and said what he wanted to. The news channel took that opportunity to spread it fast and effectively all because the delivery of this news was so different from other news. This helped gain a lot of attention and show how easy it is for the public to have different opinions. This taught me how important it is to manage our image on day-to-day basis as we never know how we are being judged.

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