My mantra of everything going Digital, Mobile and Video could possibly have another word added: Glass. I just ran across this use of corporate video, originally created to persuade large businesses to invest in the large glass conglomerate Corning,Inc. that proves that a compelling story–and futuristic applications can turn into a YouTube viral video:

If that’s a future version of an Apple iPhone, I want one!


30 thoughts on “A Day Made of Glass

  1. If this is where the future is going, sign me up too! It is a good video but it does seem a little unrealistic to me as well. I like the idea of using this material instead of paper and metal if it is a more sustainable alternative. This video is visually inspiring but it leaves me feeling a little confused as well.

    1. This would be cool, but i dont see happening for another 20 years. Not saying that we dont have the technology right now but people need to adapt to the change, and for people to adapt they need at least 20 years. In addition I think the more technology advances the lazier people will get.

  2. Actually, not only Apple is influencing this future, many giant companies are looking for similar future. There are already working prototypes (most of them) of these devices but they are very expensive to be sold for the consumers. The idea is how to make it cheap and then sell it for these people
    This video reminds me of the following video made like two years ago:

  3. I was anticipating another glass object to reveal itself before they went back to sleep, but I think I would have trouble envisioning a futuristic version of adult glass wear too, and I’m pretty creative. What I think is pretty interesting about this video and I’m potentially not changing the subject here, is the the way that they base there futuristic planning on current technologies. Of course we will develop new technologies from our current ones, but what I wonder is if they chose to use our current technologies in this video so that there was a framework of base functionality so we could understand the potential products they were proposing. Said differently, I think that for a futuristic product example, they are aiming within the next five years and they are not really proposing anything that is actually that far beyond our current capabilities. So I’m curious if it’s because they didn’t dare to think of something truly revolutionary or if they knew we wouldn’t believe in the message of glass if they strayed too far from our current understanding of the way the world works.

  4. Wow this is an awesome invention I have never seen something like that. Am personally willing to use this technology if am capable to afford it, because these futuristic devises are so expensive and not all the people could afford it. In my opinion, this is very useful and helpful for business people who like to be connected with the world all the time and everywhere. But every thing in the world has some advantage and disadvantage, we can’t really judge right now we should wait until they released it and see how it could possibly affects or impacts on our lives.

  5. WOW! this is awesome, I want it all! I hope Corning got the funding and this stuff will be coming soon. Although it does not seem that this is that far out of reach right now, as someone said above. It just seems like alot of these applications would be more of a luxury item and not that practical. I do see how this could be quite useful in some of the business and industrial applications.

  6. I just felt the same way as when i first saw a concept phone without a keyboard and only touch screen. Its interesting how human’s imaginations are becoming our daily reality as we go along in life. I see this vedio to be maybe my house in a soon future, not just because i can afford it, but because i have seen the pace of innovative technologies to be part of majority in a short time after its discovery.

  7. I like the idea that everything will be “your finger tips” but as previous comments prove, the idea seems a bit unrealistic. I’m not saying that the things in this video could never happen, just rather that not everything is perfect. I think having everything made of glass like that would be very expensive if not wasteful. We already use technology to keep us in touch with distant things, but while we’re watching television or searching for information we’re usually ignoring the things that are right by us. It will be interesting to see this idea grow, but at the same time I can wait.

  8. Very interesting video. Now that television sets are getting thinner and are being sold with wifi technology, some of the applications shown in this video don’t seem so far fetched. I can see companies even in the next year coming out with a touch screen tv that allows you to watch programing, movies and do everything that you can currently do on an Ipad. Just like flat screen tv’s, the first company to offer it will charge as much as possible and competition will ultimately bring the price down for all others that can afford this luxury product. As for the bathroom mirror and windows, I think we could all live without technology in these areas of the home for now.

  9. I agree with Michaela, the idea is quite unrealistic. Just think, the amount of money it would take in producing all of this technology, like electronic bus stops, street signs, more high tech traffic monitoring systems, etc. Given the current economy, do we really think we can even begin to dream about this stuff? Where would the government get the money? To have all this advance technology, imagine the taxes we would have to pay… I would not want to live in a world that connected. There comes a point of excess; enough is enough.

    Also, If the electrical grid system went down, can you imagine the chaos? If it went down now, there would still be chaos too, but probably not as severely. Just think, ATMs, GPS tracking, international trade, online transactions, business communications, etc would all be shut down. I think it would destroy the current world, to go even one day without being “connected.” If we lived in that fantasy world, it would be an even worse scenario. In the event of an unpredicted or accidental mass shut down of the system, imagine all the PR issues…

    1. Actually, there is much of this technology already currently available–or quickly heading that direction. New technology advancements can actually save money, improve our lives and reduce environmental impacts so the investment may prove to be worthwhile in the end. For example, space exploration has provided many of the following: integrated circuits, satellite technology, GPS navigation systems, bone-density measurements heart pumps, water filtration systems that turn wastewater into drinkable water, wireless light switches, remediation solutions for sites contaminated by chemicals and the list goes on and on.

  10. I think this was a great ad. It was too long to be a TV ad at about 5 minutes, but it did truly illustrate the technical engineering that some companies are coming up with. It corning were to use this in a brief or a demonstration to a client, I think it would be a successful campaign. It is interesting to think that it is possible to create technology like this, and the uses that it could serve it everyday life, while this ad was a stretch I think it every day consumer life, big firms may be able to use this technology and integrate it into business life.

    1. Actually this video was created by the company to show to institutional investors. It was a corporate piece to persuade investors to fund the company and purchase stock. My understanding is that effort fell flat. However, when introduced on YouTube, it went viral and enjoys millions of views.

  11. I know that technology advancement moves quickly. I also know that when people say that an idea “looks good in theory, but it can never be implemented,” that those kind of beyond belief ideas change the world because they do get implemented. That being said, you are right a lot of the technology in the video does exist, is available, or will be soon. You also make a good point about New technology advancements actually saving money, I never thought about that aspect. Life improvements may come of it too, but it can also control our lives. Just ask any internet addict. As for Reducing environmental impacts, I am not so sure. A Prius is suppose to have a smaller environmental footprint than other cars. However, just to make a Prius, parts and components are shipped in from all over the world. Most importantly, It requires all sorts of rare natural resources not found in other cars, so in actuality it has a larger impact on the environment than other cars, even from the start. It is only when it is on the road that it is more environmentally friendly.
    For example, space exploration has provided many of the following: integrated circuits, satellite technology, GPS navigation systems, bone-density measurements heart pumps, water filtration systems that turn wastewater into drinkable water, wireless light switches, remediation solutions for sites contaminated by chemicals and the list goes on and on.

  12. I have fell in love with this video because it represents the neatness of the use of the Glass technology. I would imagine my self being like this in the future and my family contributing this technology . The benefit about this technology is that it helps people be more organized in their daily life, and also helps them discover how clean they could be by attempting to use this technology. This video reminded me of Microsoft silver light screen that was introduced two years ago as the blogger Abedlrahman showed in his blog.

  13. What a cool video! I think a lot of these products would be so useful. I loved the kitchen and the office applications, especially the thin, rollable glass. I can imagine that in a working environment this could enable a lot of creativity and productivity. I agree with what Noah said above, the technology in the bedroom and bathroom are a little much to me, I don’t think that people need to be connected in every single environment. I also wasn’t a fan of the large advertising. There comes a point when there is so much going on around us all of the time that we start to forget the simple pleasures in life. While a certain extent of these products could improve quality of life, I think when everyday life is saturated with it we risk our ability to be happy with what we have.

  14. After watching the video, I was amazed by the innovative idea. Although the video was intended to promote the glass of the Corning Inc., I think the idea that was showed in the video really makes people to have some new thoughts about a future lifestyle. It shows that everything could be connected and accessible by the new technology. I read an article that talks about how Apple iPhone could look like in the future. It says that it could be slimmer, thinner, more high-tech, and has transparent style like what we see in the video. It is conceptual. I think the concept in the video is great, but I am just wondering about its feasibility. I feel like it sounds more idealistic than realistic. Moreover, I agree with some people’s comments about the cost of having this new lifestyle. I think it would be costly even if it could really happen in our future, and it would take a long time to be implemented and popularized. However, to the video itself, it is successful. It really attracts people to watch it. Personally, I enjoyed watching it.

  15. This video is very amazing. It illustrates how the technology will change the world in the future. Our lives will be surrounded by mass of digital technologies. In this video, a piece of glass is everything, including computers, alarms, television, video conference and etc. It brings a lot of convenience to lives. It is very fantastic to see how human imagination will become true along the way. It is cool that we can control everything by our fingertips. It feels like the technology is similar to human, they know what we think. However, I think this video is little unrealistic. It is more like an idea rather than reality. According to our current technological path, can we meet the expectation that showed in the video? In the investor’s perspective, can the return satisfy the them? It is believed the target market is those big companies or high class business people have high level of income, since the costs of using this technology is very expensive. It is important to focus on niche target market such as CEO or president of a company, for those who need up-to-minutes news report in every second. In addition, implementing this technology is more environmental friendly since it will reduce fewer electronic device wastes in the future.

  16. I cant wait to live in that utopia….. definitely looks like we took care of our pollution and global warming problems….

    The creation of this AD is great for business investments but how close is the Corning company to making that AD a reality. Further more what is the electric bill going to look like and what happens when the neighbors kid throws a rock through the window.

    The video obviously is going to show all the benefits to the product and lifestyle and not comment on WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL?…….The technology, The Corning company, The Cable company, or the people living their lives in the video.

    I do have one BIG question……. What happens when you cant pay the bill and all the magic is taken away….. Are we then just living in a house made of glass?

  17. I totally agree with Moody in that there are a lot of setbacks to having houses and buildings made of glass. I believe we need to integrate modern technology with the beautiful elements of historic architecture. So many of these advertisements paint a utopian picture that disconnects us from what we want to hold on to and what we hope for in the future.

    I mean, aren’t iPads good enough?

  18. This is an excellent video, I enjoyed the creativity and the futuristic aspects of it. I believe we are not far from this being a reality but going back to a previous blog; these are just additional tools for individuals to be able to multitask more efficiently. Productivity is a big part of today’s society and these type of technologies help ingrain and maximize productivity; although, not always.

  19. This video is pretty amazing as far as future capabilities are concerned. Seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. At the same time Its almost too futuristic to comprehend, which makes it a little overwhelming to take in. Still, it does show a great amount of opportunity for the Corning company. The potential for technology seems to know no bounds, and the added benefit of sustainability only adds to the intrigue. It’s a little hard to imagine a lifestyle resembling the one depicted in the video, where technology controls virtually all aspects of our busy days. Having a few of these options available would be nice and pretty intriguing form a consumer standpoint. Many questions need to be answered still however, such as the feasibility with proper installation and equipment (stove, fridge, mirrors, etc.) and associated costs, including the monthly for electricity.

  20. That is definitely a persuasive ad, but the real question is do they have the capacity/technical intelligence you move into that direction, and if so, anytime in the near future?

    I feel like we’ve been almost predicting future advancements in technology by sci fi movies, but reverse of the traditional way…siri to me is like the robot from the jetsons. She’s the first step to personal artificial intelligence in mass production… I imagine most future advancements will follow suit.

  21. I think this is awesome! I agree with other people’s comments when they say that they aren’t sure if this is feasible. However, when we were watching the Jetsons and they had a video phone, that was lightyears away too. Facetime and Skype are one of the many things that put the Jetson’s video phone into a reality. Although it may seem out of this world to create something like this, I don’t put it past the advancement of technology to strive for it. We have come a long way in technology to stop here. I think the company needs to use this as an end goal and provide something in the middle to persuade. Baby steps, Corning Inc.

  22. Looks like someone has read, The Diamond Age. This stuff looks neat but the future of technology is organic not inorganic. Modifying the building blocks mother nature has already given us is more flexible and feasible.

  23. i want one too,
    for this video, it’s mixed between real and not real at the same time, also what caught my attention is bedroom and how the glass turned dark and not allow lights to go in, while looking at it i just want to live there.

  24. This video is very interesting to me and I loved that we invested the time to each it inn class. In all of modern movies, playing out a technical future, we get a little taste of what we think is possible and what we can create. I think the most crucial part in this project is the connection between the technology and the glass. Cornin, the company that creates and makes specialty glasses serve as key component within the final products shown in the videos. While glass and companion technologies work together to develop the final solutions, glass is the essential material for enabling this future. For example, creating the vivid displays, durable touch surfaces, or instant, real-time communications shown in the videos, each require some form of specialty glass. All those aspects playing together will create that picture for us as consumers. What is really impressive, is that this campaign is what we will see as our future. This PR campaign has created a new picture in our minds that we as consumer want to strive for and investors that can see that demand will invest to get a first mover advantage.

  25. You first introduced this in class at the beginning of the term, then my advertising professor showed it in class. I really like the concept of using glass for our everyday life. This can be used for virtual everything in day to day activities that we go about doing. I don’t see this becoming a reality for a little while longer. However, I think Apple is getting closer to it with their iPhone 6 I mean look how large that screen is. It is going to be a matter of time before it becomes a reality. I believe that it will happen in the next 5-10 years.

  26. I remember this from class early in the term. I think that it’s only a matter of time before the internet of things becomes a reality. I’m not sure it will transition as seamlessly and beautifully as the video make you believe though. I’m guessing it will start with a smart fridge first, then a year latter smart blueprints, etc.
    The main reason I believe this will happen sooner than later is the fact that there is a desire for it in the marketplace. I stayed at an AirBnb recently where most of their kitchen operated with touch screen controls. Even the burners on the store were activated by putting the pan on the flat, screen-like surface. The microwave was invisible until you touched it and then the whole thing lit up. These seemed like prototype versions of what there is to come though. I suppose if it can be thought of, then it can be built.

  27. In 2011 this YouTube video was choreographed by Corning. This video is Corning’s vision for the future and social integration of technology.
    I believe that today, we are beginning to see the innovative visions of Corning, slowly emerging through the integration of digital wearables (Fitbit, Google Glass, and Apple Watch). Consumers across the globe have already begun to incorporate and accept this revolutionary technology into their daily habits. As the video envisions, I believe that we are on the edge of experiencing Corning’s virtual world; innovation will soon touch the multitude of surfaces in all of the aspects of our lives.

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