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Today Apple unveiled the innovative tablet computer, the iPad. As usual, the carefully crafted Apple marketing  hype machine provided widely speculated and carefully leaked information about the iPad that preceded the actual introduction today. According to the company, the iPad is “Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” Wow, that’s a lot of adjectives in a single sentence. Without buying into all of the marketing hype, I do agree that it does have some very cool new features in a slim 9×7 package. Most importantly, I believe it is a revolutionary product, like the iPhone, and that it will eventually replace my MacBook Pro laptop computer. It’s a slick enhanced version of the iPhone, albeit with computer-esque features. Consider this: it allows easy e-mail access, beautiful video playback, easy photo review and sharing and the ability to purchase and read e-books with simplicity and comfort. No eye strain or small screens that require me to flip pages every 5-7 seconds, like the Kindle application on my iPhone. From an avid book reader perspective, screen size matters. There is an innovative feature that allows a virtual keyboard, identical to the iPhone software that will surely please and or alienate some who prefer a more tactile input. Make no mistake about it, this is the computer of the future! When I looked at the seemingly inadequate storage size, from 16GB to the superior solid state 64GB, I realized three things: 1) the second generation will surely have a larger storage capacity, just like the second and third generation of iPhones, 2) the utility of this product matches how people will use it (more on that in a minute and 3) I will purchase one next year because the price will drop, new features will be added and the inevitable bugs will be fixed. Now, back to point No. 2: When was the last time you spent time updating Excel spreadsheets or typing a novel in Microsoft Word or even storing gigabytes of video or pictures while in transit or waiting in line? Even when I take public transportation or business trips, everything that I usually need to do can be accomplished with this iPad. The proliferation of off-site storage options either through my home computer system or via online storage sites will eliminate all of these concerns in the future. The beauty is that this is simply a lightweight, network access device! (Did you notice the sneaky data plan option from AT&T.) That’s right, sync it to your .me or Google account and you have access to all of your documents and photos stored elsewhere. It’s lightweight, easy to read and for newspapers, which are all going digital, the addition of photos and video makes it a perfect fit. What you begin to realize is that this matches human behavior and alters the use of computer laptops into the evolving market of smart tablets. As an Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro laptop user, it’s currently a luxury with redundant technology. However, there is most certainly an iPad in my future. My only question is always the same and it has to do with AT&T. Will I still be able to use a software hack and connect my iPhone to my iPad to get broadband Internet access when I can’t find WiFi? Or will I care?


30 thoughts on “Why I will buy an Apple iPad in 2011

  1. The iPad is truly revolutionary. I have spent some time playing with one and I am amazed. I as well see one in my future. I only have one small problem. There is an ongoing disagreement between Apple and Adobe. Basically Apple computers is telling Adobe to come into the future and produce something different than Flash. Adobe states that Flash is still revolutionary. Thus there is no flash support for the iPad at this time. I would not recommend getting the iPad with 3G capability. There are hacks available that allow an iPhone to become a mobile hot spot. There is also roomer that the 4G iPhone will have the mobile hot spot capability built in to native software. In the end I am not sure how much it really matters. I have not been anywhere where I could not find open WiFi.

    1. The iPad is amazing and I enjoy playing with them. They are more of a toy to me. I enjoy the screen and how skinny it is, but it does lag some. Also, getting on the internet sometimes at some restaurants and coffee shops has been an issue for me. They offer wifi and my laptop will sign on automatically but the ipad does not. I think eventually adobe and apple with become partners and work something out concering the flash. Overall though I would wait to purchase the iPad untilt the 2nd generation comes out. It will have even more exciting applications to it and all the gliches should be found by then.

  2. I’ve seen it do its magic and am pretty amazed. However, it makes me wonder how much weight consumers will have to carry around between their ipods, iphones, laptops and now ipad. Does the ipad have the capacity to replace all of these? It would definitely be worth the buy then. Just wait to see how quickly the next piece of technology launches.

    1. I think that the Ipad is a great piece of technology and will only get better after it is re-wired and all the bugs are worked out of it. When you say can this piece of technology replace all the iphone, ipod, and laptops I got a funny image of a person holding the much bigger ipad to their ear talking on the phone haha.

      1. That’s exactly the image I was getting, but it still seemed better than having to carry all of this technology everywhere. Apple should put some of its investment toward creating really big, expandable backpacks!

  3. The thing with Apple not supporting adobe is really a good call on Apple’s part. At first this was my main reason behind not purchasing the ipad right away. I was actually kind mad that Apple hadn’t moved forward in my previous opinion and made the iPad flash user friendly. I though on this for a bit and came to the realization that if Apple open there platform to work with adobe they would lose soo many app sales. At the moment Apple controls there platform completely this is smart. Eventually I think that Apple will create a similar application as adobe that will take the place for flash.

  4. I, too, believe that the Apple iPad is a revolutionary product! Surely, I think the arrival of the iPad will duplicate the very same degree of impact the iPod had in the MP3 industry and the iPhone in the mobile industry. Before people know it, the iPad, as Professor Jack noted, will be the very future of computers. No longer will one be constricted by the limitations of their desktop or laptop computers. Now, with a device like the iPad, the possibilities – to e-mail, download pictures, read a book, watch a movie – are endless wherever and whenever one may be.

    I recently accepted a position with the Apple company and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such an innovative and world renowned company. Truly, Apple continues to change the world with its technological inventions. It’s so hard for one not to watch Apple’s every move closely to find out what they are going to release next….

    If anyone else is not convinced of how truly amazing the iPad is and why it is such a game changer, check out this promo video:

    I am looking forward to becoming a proud iPad owner soon.

  5. My tech junkie cousin in LA bought one of the first ones and is already on the wait list for the new one. He is the same person that has had every iPhone version and every iPod version etc… My point is that the loyal fans of these products are just that, loyal. I like Professor Jacks approach, wait until the faster and larger memory ones come out. Behind closed doors down in Cupertino California somewhere, there are people working on the 2012 iPad, that will be the best iPad EVER, until a new version comes out that is!

  6. Me personally I have heard mixed reviews on the ipad. Some people are talking about how awesome it is and how it changes everything, but then on the other hand I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s just a big iphone or itouch. I’m not the most tech savvy person so I don’t personally know too much about the topic, but I’ve also heard of a few people having to return theirs because they have broken down. I do agree with the new versions coming out all of the bugs will be fixed and it will probably be a great new technology.

    1. Honestly I agree wih the crowd wondering what the big deal is. I have had my iPhone for close to a year now and I am not that impressed with the iPad. I played with one in the student book store a few weeks back and I felt like I was using my phone. Other than having a big screen and keypad, the iPad is just a bigger version of what I can carry around in my pocket and make phone calls with. I dont think its practical.

    2. I completely agree. I am not really in touch with the whole Apple revolution even though I own a shuffle. I got this piece of equipment because it was easy to understand and it didn’t have a bunch of stuff I’d never use on it so it costs a lot less. I think the iPad is fascinating, but if I wanted something along those lines, I would probably just buy a laptop that I can modify as technology and hardware becomes obsolete as it always does. The thing about Apple is that you can’t really switch out parts for things like iPods or iPhones when they get behind the times so you have to constantly be buying new products to stay up on trends rather than modifying something you have already bought for a cheaper price. I also agree with Bobby’s comment about considering the iPad more once they work the bugs out just like the xbox, xbox 360, PS2 and PS3. Do I sense a technological trend?

  7. I like Apple products, but I’ll never be a first buyer of a new product. There’s too much IPad hype going on right now. The product is undoubtedly remarkable, but as others pointed out, there is still much room for improvements. Apple stirs an irrational disconnect between new products, a consumer’s need, and adoption. The passion to buy is insane, and fueled by an irrational love of Apple products. I waited for the Iphone 3G to come out, and it felt like the right thing to do, months later the 3GS came out, and I was really upset for not waiting a bit longer. This is the thing about Apple; they give the early adopters a bad deal everytime.

  8. At first I didn’t really care for or want an iPad and now I’m starting to think about how much easier life would be with an iPad. As an avid user of both an Iphone and a Macbook Pro I definitely would not want to carry around multiple items for work, entertainment, and networking. I travel a lot and end up bringing my not so light Macbook Pro for the journey for work and entertainment, and I agree that the iPad could replace the need for many people carrying around laptops. Despite the new product just being called an oversized Iphone I still find myself starting to come around to the idea of being able to use an Ipad instead of my laptop for work reports and reading. I just really like being able to turn pages, and type on real keyboards.

  9. The iPad definitely looks cool but I wouldn’t want one. Financial factors aside, my friends and I were discussing how it’d be a bit troublesome to use it, such as trying to keep it secure in your lap and then keeping your back slouched all the time to look down at the screen, then there’s the constant use of your hands (wouldn’t they get tired?). But then again, I’m the type of guy who stays away from having the latest gadgets. Hey Professor Jack, did you hear about China’s cheaper imitation of the iPad? Yup, it’s about $200 cheaper and it has a unique name: the iPed.

    1. Wow! The iPed? That’s awesome. Knowing China’s technological capabilities, I’ll bet it’s just about as good as the original. It’s almost like choosing between Google’s imitation of the iPhone through the Android and the actual iPhone. There’s not a huge difference between the phones, outside of the iPhone’s snazzier look. I’m sure there will be many more look-a-likes to come.

      1. That’s definitely interesting, I was reading something about the Iped today. There seems to be a lot of Apple users that have become really loyal to the brand ever since the Ipod came out. The easy to use controls and familiarity that products have are known by an Apple customer already. I love how in the Ipad commercial it’s saying “you already know how to use it.”
        It’s also interesting how they have someone riding a bike and holding it, which always freaks me out when I see the ad because one of my main concerns with the Ipad would be dropping it because of it’s large thin shape.

  10. When I first heard of the buzz for the new Ipad it sounded exciting. A new, big computer-like pad that’s a cross between the Iphone and a Macbook. Then I heard about some of the disadvantages like not being able to operate more than one application at a time and the small hard drive and I thought yeah I can wait longer for the next version. As noted earlier, Apple tends to come out with products that don’t necessarily have all the top features like big hard drives and cameras with a flash on the Iphone for example. Therefore, it’s usually best to wait to get the better or more advanced product in a year or so.

  11. I bought an IPad and it took me 3 days to turn it back to the store. I’m an Apple fam I got all of their stuff from Ipod Imac and used to have an IPhone. however, when I bought the IPad I was hoping to see something new with it something that makes it amazing, but when I started using it felt to me as the IPod touch screen with a larger screen.

  12. The Ipad may not seem like that big of a deal to some people, but others have made a big deal of it by lining up and purchasing it. The sheer portable size of it makes it look so interesting, but hearing about the limited features still doesn’t make the purchase justifiable to me. I’m seriously hoping that by some time in 2011 Apple will add some more appeasing features to make me want to make a purchase. Of course, part of that will also depend on waiting for them to get all the bugs and problems taking care of by then as many tech products require those adjustments.

  13. I’ve heard a lot about the iPad…first of all, I don’t prefer Apple or Mac or anything. At all. I won’t even go near the store in the Pioneer Place mall. So why would I buy the product? I really wouldn’t. I don’t care how nifty it is….I don’t even have an mp3 player, let alone an iPod, mac, or anything of the sort! Still, kudos to Apple for creating such a great product.

  14. I’d love to have an iPad sometime in the future but as some people already said, I definitely would not be a first buyer of a new product. Though I consider myself to be an Apple enthusiast who has most of its products (a MacBook, an iPhone, an iTouch, etc), I always hesitate when it comes to a new product because of certain bugs and drawbacks a new product is typically associated with. Having played with an iPad multiple times though, some of the features that it has that stand out to me are its incredible portability, access to the Internet anywhere you go, ability to read libraries and libraries of books, and share photos and videos anywhere and anytime. I think it would be particularly interesting to see how the iPad could revolutionize sectors like the medical field. I could imagine the iPad’s potential in replacing hard copies of X-Rays or doctors being able to demonstrate certain images (ie. images of specific bodily disorders, etc) with patients thanks to the device’s amazing graphics.

  15. As a Apple user, I think all the product lines of Apple will be a good products for them but I am not a Apple user. Here I didn’t mean that Apple’s product is not a good product, i think Apple’s products are good too. But I do mean that there do have a lot of other good products around and Apple is not the only company has the best computer, mp3, etc.(But I do think that Apple is the best computing and mp3 company in US because the products that send from outside of US had changed something before they release in US) In fact, I don’t really know what is the point to buy a Ipad, my sony laptop is almost as light as Ipad, maybe the only thing that I can’t do is play the apps from Apple Inc., but my Samsung Galaxy S can play most of them. Therefore, As a customer who not addict to Apple’s product, as not a follower of Apple Inc, I think Ipad is not needed, if you have a Imac, Iphone, why you need to spend a money again to buy Ipad? Maybe sometime in the futuer, Apple will release Iread for reading online books or something like that.

  16. I’m planning to buy a New Macbook Pro because I’m very impressed with my Ipod(3rd Gen) Touch that I’ve owned for 2 years, and I believe that Macbook Pro will surely make me satisfied. In face, iPad2 just recently released, and it’s called “Post-PC”. As we mostly know that Apple just slightly improves their products for the upgrading not a big improvement, but it’s still truly revolutionary. Personally, iPad2 seems to be very interesting to me, and it has great features and useful built-in apps. Also, I think iPad2 will become more popular because almost every US household and people in other countries use wireless to connect the Internet, and iPad will be very suitable for them. Apple also offers the 3G+ WiFi from AT&T and Verizon for getting broadband Internet access. So iPad can be used anywhere, anytime now. I think iPad is great for any purposes, such entertainment, business, and communication. It’s faster, lighter, and thinner. Other brands will be definitely releasing the better gadgets very soon, and they might able to overcome Apple in terms of generic quality. But they won’t be able to compete with Apple in the reality because Apple “knows” what their customers really want in everyday life, and Apple combines the technology and everyday life in order to develop their products and to reach the customers’ desire, so that’s why they’re superior than other brands.

  17. I am not an Apple user, so I will not going to buy any apple products. But this doesn’t mean I hate Apple or something. I don’t like to use Apple’s product is because I feel like I am controling by Apple as a consumer if I start to use its products. For example, Ipad doesn’t have front and back camera, now Ipad 2 have one, should I give up Ipad 1 and buy Ipad 2? The problem is not only about giving up the Ipad 1 or not, but also why Ipad 1 doesn have back and front camera? Ipad 1 release in 2010, which is the period that almost every computer, cell phone products have camera, such as the similar product Galaxy Tap also has front and back camera. Now Apple release Ipad 2 and said because it has front and back camera, so it is a new product? Do these factor really make apple Ipad 2 a very new products? How much does it cost for apple to make it lighter, faster and install a front and back camera on Ipad 2? and how much does it cost for us to buy a new Ipad? Doesn’t matter Apple will give you some benefit or not, as a Apple user, 100% will want to buy Ipad 2 just becasue it has front and back camera, which is a old style technology but called new product. But Apple’s consumers have no choice to choose though because if you don’t follow Apple’s step, you can’t do anything. This is only my opinion, please forgive me if an Apple user read my comment.

  18. I fully support an iLife. I work at Nordstrom and they are currently adding iPads to each department for Sales Associates. It allows sales people to quickly suggest other items in the store without taking the time to retrieve the item from the rack.

    I have not had a chance to visit the Apple Store to have a look at the new iPad2 but I’m very excited to see what the new features look like. I wish they did not cost so much!

  19. Not being an apple user myself, I don’t really understand why customers are willing to run out and buy every iteration of a product that Apple releases. It seems like they come out with a new Iphone every year, yet they still don’t have a 4G phone (maybe the iphone 7 or 8 will:). With regard to the Ipad, competitors have products that are comparable to or better than than the Ipad but people will not buy them because they doesn’t have an apple logo on them. While I think that Ipad’s are pretty cool, I am not willing to pay a price premium for Apple’s good marketing and branding tactics. Every review I have seen lately regarding Apple’s products customers give a 5/5 for everything except price. The question is, why do people still buy every single Apple product when they know how overpriced they are?

    1. Aha! Your first sentence says it all: “Not being an Apple user myself…” I believe that once you try their products you will be impressed with their ease of use.

  20. I totally agree. I own the iPad when it first hit the market, and I think the iPad product impact a lot people image towards Apple products. Many people have negative responds on how iPad is exactly the same as the iPhone, but only bigger. I truly would admit that I am an Apple junkie, and a loyal consumer to any new Apple product in the market. But with that being said, I believe the iPad 2 was completely a bad idea for Apple Company to release, because if you think about the device can possibly do same stuff as the iPhone cellphone. Let’s be realistic now, Apple products has the highest device in the U.S. market and has high demand outside of America. Apple still continues to change the world perception towards how amazing a small device can possibly do.

  21. Nowadays, I pads tablets is considered a great and essential asset to companies which is dependent on internet where functions and important tasks can be made on the go. This helps increasing efficiency and better performance where time and effort are not wasted going back and forth to their offices.I pads are convenient for their high definition touch screens. Consumers who buy I pads are usually more for the wanting reasons of new lifestyle technological follow up. I think that the idea of the I pad has helped college students who reads their books through the e book service that iPad offers, saves them almost half the price of the regular book. Finally, The iPad is basically bigger version of and i touch iPod or iPhone, the only difference is that i Pads don’t have GSM or cell phone service.

  22. The revolution that the IPad has brought is tremendous. Steve Jobs and Apple’s vision is clearly leaps and miles ahead of us. What once was considered Star Trek, is now standard equipment. Is not the tricorder a prelude to the ipad?

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