It seems there’s a publicity stunt worth commenting about nearly every day of the year. This one has an interesting twist. It started as an e-mail being circulated about a band improvising music after its instruments were stolen. The link in the e-mail take you to an iPhone video posted on YouTube. That’s not unusual. What is unique is that the entire band performance, on a NYC subway ride, was performed using iPhones/iPods by the band members, including vocals, guitar, drums and keyboard. Plugged into a Mac laptop computer and some small speakers hidden among the band members and voila! an instant concert performed for commuters. What is also relevant is that in only 3 days following the Internet upload, the video was viewed a million times. About a month later, over 4 million views on YouTube. An instant hit for the band Atomic Tom. Watch the video here:


30 thoughts on “Savvy Marketing Video

  1. I was definitely impressed with both the execution of the song and the filming of the singers in this video. Apple did a good job in finding a group that fits with the company image while at the same time showcasing their products in action. I had seen ads for these apple apps and questioned if they actually worked, I guess they do. The choice of shooting in a subway was also effective in that it gave a realistic setting where people could use this product/app. The 4 million-plus views show that the decisions made were based on a good understanding of who they should target with this stunt.

  2. I thought this video was pretty amazing. The band members were able to replace their usual instruments with just the use of an iphone. The quality of the performance was very good. This video definitely displayed apples instrument app well. I believe that this bands identity helped the iphone be seen as “cool”. The band is modern and up to date with their appearances. If this performance was done by people with lesser talent or by a band that doesn’t follow an acceptable style, then it would result in a less than impressive act.

  3. I was really impressed by the band and the video. Talk about a great product placement promotion. The ability for the band to replace there instruments with apple applications and items was amazing. The fact that the video went viral so quickly goes to show how much an interesting concept can inspire people. I have to wonder if Apple has contacted the group, I think they could do some amazing tie in promotions with the band.

  4. OK! Apple, you’re great! First, I was very impressed with the performance of these professional musicians who were to able to use iPod/iPhone to replace their usual instruments. This delivered the message about an awesomeness of Apple products,
    and it incited other people to try out their products like Atomic Tom. It’s such very
    effective marketing strategy that made the technology become more realistic in the reality.

    Also, iBands seems to become more popular on the social networking, and Apple uses are able to produce some amazing stuff to indicate how great Apple products are. It’s just getting better and better, and the technology directly influence our everyday activities. Maybe we might see more professional musicians utilize some gadgets to produce their music in the future.I’ve already seen some bands use these fantastic apps to create the new sounds, and it’s unbelievable!

  5. I actually thought this video is pretty impressive. I have an I-phone and I didn’t know that there are such apps where you can use too many deferent instruments such as guitar, drums, microphone speaker and so on. Even though, the most intersecting thing that I love about the video is the melody, which they created by using too many instruments at one time and making a great song, this is defiantly talents and skills. I just download this app and it is entertainment and fun to play with.

  6. I loved this video; it’s a great initiative. They got stolen their instrument and saw in that an opportunity to show their talent and their ability to improvise. Their music is good and their performance in this video is impressive. Being able to do great music in a subway, only with Ipods prove that they know how to adapt to this changing environment. It’s enough to create a buzz, and to catch their public attention.
    The fact that everything is done with Apple products, the video and the music, shows as diversified and effective are Apple’s products. It’s a great promotion for Apple. Since it’s the band initiative, it gives Apple solid credibility. It’s not Apple’s initiative, it shows that they used Apple’s product just because they are the best, and not to do some publicity against money.
    It increases the public interest in those products, by showing how it works and how much it’s effective.
    I saw that Apple approached Atomic Tom and that a partnership is being discussed. That’s good news. There’s definitely an opportunity here, and Apple has to take advantage of it. I hope they are going to use this buzz to launch an effective promotional campaign.

  7. Awesome! That is just so cool; people doing impromptu things and have a moment with total strangers is just such an experience. It would have been so cool to have been on the subway when they were preforming. It is too bad that their instruments were stolen but they have certainly shown that their talent goes beyond having the right instruments. Hey Apple, use them in a commercial…payment? Apple making instruments yet? 🙂

  8. They are awesome for sure, however, this is not special anymore because there have a lot of people can do that everywhere in the wrold today or even few years ago. The video give me the feeling that Apple is the sponsor of this group, that’s why all people are using Apple’s products. Try to think about it, Galaxy S(Asian one), SE X10, HTC HD2 etc are all the cell phones which have the same level as Apple Iphone4 do. All of them have the pinao, drump, guitar apps as same as the video showed. Then why they only use Apple products? but not other products? And, the title said “only 3 days following the Internet upload, the video was viewed a million times.” there must be someone or some group of people advertised the video first, that’s why the video can have that many people viewed in only 3 days. Because, when we type “Iphone piano” on youtube, there have a around 5000 videos all about a person or a gourp of people using Iphone to play music. Therefore, in my opinion, this is one of an advertisings of Apple product.

  9. I love this video! It an awesome way for Apple to promote their brand! That’s what Apple is all about, Innovation. This video did a great job about creating a buzz to catch the attention of people. It helped build brand reputation, creditability and interest among the product.

  10. I totally see how this could be beneficial for Apple, but I understood this as a band promoting themselves. I’m going to keep it in my head that way, because it is a brilliant way for a band to stir up some PR. I’m excited about finding innovative ways to promote art. I remember back in 2001 Fred Durst was visiting Guitar Center and a bass player friend of mine from a band called something like Gwar decided to pie Durst in the face as a publicity stunt to bring notoriety to his band. Um. This idea is much better than that one. Although there’s still time to pie Durst in the face and now that you can capture it on video…

  11. This could very easily be a promotion for apple. It’s interesting that the iphone is so ingrained in consumer culture that videos like this pop up. It just goes to show that if you have a great product and brand personality, there becomes a point where you don’t have to rely on advertising and promotion as much; consumer generated PR like this will do a lot of the work for you.

  12. Exponentially, it seems there’s a publicity stunt going on every five minutes, somewhere in the world. That’s both the magic and the misery of being so thoroughly connected online. Soon, we may have to make time for one Internet sensation that’s quickly eclipsed by the next. I honestly think the delivery cycle for Internet memes is tightening up. That could be good if you’re on the receiving end of new found attention. But it could be bad if you don’t have a second act to follow up that attention. In the case of Atomic Tom, we’ll have to see if they have the staying power to remain relevant beyond their first salvo.

    There’s a latent pity underlying the idea of someone resting on his laurels. But in that reference the laurel wreath was won by claiming a victory. Meme-victory is never more shallow than when it’s left to rest there on the Internet like some other meme we hazily strain to remember.

  13. Love this band. What an inventive use of technology and indirect promotion for Apple products. The arresting nature of this video acts as a flash mob, promotional stunt, interactive public relations, and viral advertisement. Although originally under the impression that this was “band” promotion rather than “brand” promotion, both hold equal weight in execution. I would be curious to see if Apple promotes future apps through online demonstrations or other viral campaigning.

  14. Very nice! Those guys are not just any band. They are pro! You don’t find many people using these apps instead of the actual instruments. Too bad many people love their actual instruments but it is nice that you can have an alternative instrument everywhere you go.
    I wonder if someone called them in at that moment what will happen!

  15. Viral video success!! What a great advertisement for Apple products and publicity for the band. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before considering 4 million people already have. So smart.

  16. I thought those making the video found an excellent way to cut through the clutter and create a real buzz for themselves. While I still don’t understand why people are so crazy about overpriced apple products, I think this video further solidifies the fact that truly creative concepts will always be more effective than traditional marketing and advertising messages. A company like Apple, with their forever branded customers, will see success in the years to come if they keep their brand image of being innovative and in touch with what their customers want and need. Not quite sure if the idea was Apples or the bands but it was beneficial to both of them.

  17. What a great idea. I hope that Apple replaced their instruments and offered them recording software to create more songs with their products. Considering what happened to them the band should definitely be compensated. Great video and advertising for both the band and Apple. The video made me want to research and upload Atomic Tom’s music and look into Apple products again.

  18. I like this ad, i saw it some time ago and wasn’t sure how real it was, or whether it was put on by Apple as a form of advertising. It is interesting to see how people use media to get their messages across. I was not aware that the band made this video after their music equipment was stolen; it is fun to see people get creative in the music industry and put out things like this.

    I think for Apple this was an extremely great advertisement that they did not have to pay for. Getting a million views within a couple days, was great public image for the band and Apple.

  19. That is too cool. I love it! It would be interesting to be a passenger on that bus. If I was a musician, I would definitely want to get my hands on one of those phones.

    I agree with Matthew, “extremely great advertisement.” I can so see this becoming a new trend among music enthusiasts. I wonder what is next for them. Playing in an airport to waiting travelers. Although they are very talented I couldn’t imagine this as part of a concert, speaker equipment would be too big.

  20. This is really interesting ad, I don’t really think these guys are band, but more like apps video entertainment. I was not focus on how the band made this video from stolen music equipment, but it’s really creative idea to show to the public. I think the music is kind of annoying, but overall the quality and the performance were on task.

  21. I agree with Matthew, this ad is “extremely great advertisement”, but the music wasn’t on top because the passenger on the bus was annoyed then listening to a band with stolen music instrumentals. My personal view if they had a real concert, I would probably go, but I can imagine how the crowd would react to their music type.

  22. I am in love with this video because it shows how can any person nowadays with the great use of technology, come up with a great technique to create a song with the use of I phone. I believe that Apple is gaining a humongous brand image by showing the simple video on YouTube. This video has also introduced me to a great way of advertising three products; Mac, I phone, and I pod. This could be a huge commercial on the media and TV for apple products. In conclusion, this video is a thumbs up. I will rate it with 5 stars.

  23. After watching the video, I was impressed with the band’s performance. The band members are talented. Playing music through using the apps in iPod or iPhone looks so cool. I am not a professional musician, so I cannot tell or judge if those apps are really making good music, but from what I see and hear in the video, I think they are great and fun. I have seen this kind of apps before, but I just don’t know if they really work great. This video is kind of a proof of how awesome those apps are. On the other hand, this video is an effective advertisement for Apple. It really makes people think Apple’s applications are awesome. The video sends out a message that people can enjoy playing music anytime and anywhere they like even though they don’t have music instruments with them. It would be very appealing to the music lovers. I think it helps Apple to promote its products and attract more potential buyers in the market. I am curious about Apple’s reaction after they see this video. Would they consider have some kind of cooperation with band? Anyway, I believe this video which got over 4 million views really create lots of publicity for the brand of Apple.

  24. Great way to promote the band and great PR for apple. With the way technology is moving today promotions like these are bound to get competitive. Once upon a time musicians had to find ways to sneak there cassette tape into the hands of a radio station. Today its all about standing out on YouTube which is just as challenging as cassette tape logistics.

    As for the companies supplying the instruments, the Iphones, You Tube, the transit, if the band succeeds or not they gain earned media. so its a win win situation for them.

  25. What a great move for the band. Many people probably saw this video and thought “Wow! If these guys sound good on iphones, they’re probably great with real instruments!” This is a great example of how Apple can leverage their unique capabilities using real people in a real life situation. Its truly amazing how people are willing to advertise for a company when they are receiving mutual benefit: exposure for exposure.

  26. This is amazing….thumbs up for Apple and the band. I think a very creative way to play music and add on to a story. [I think i need an iPhone?!!]

  27. I feel very impressed by this video because of the amazing band performance and fantastic Apple products. The attractive Apple apps allow a band well-performed themselves without any musical instrument. With no doubt, I think Apple has done a good job developing high-performance music to attract musician market. Nowadays, I believe traditional musical instrument will be replaced by digital devices along the way. In the video, the digital devices the band owned are all produced by Apple, including iPhone, iPod, and MacBook. In a further view, I am just wondering if they would be kicked out of the subway due to create noises bothering other riders. Apparently, they are not. I believe this is an advertisement was produced to promote Apple products. Most importantly, it appeals to musician market. The video illustrates that people can have performance anywhere and anytime at their convenience without carrying heavy musical instrument. I am also wondering if Apple is testing the market regarding its music performance. In addition, it is interesting to hear, in 3 days, there are over 4 million views on Youtube. I believe Apple is using this video to promote its product through different types of social media. Otherwise, views would not be high as that. I believe Apple is now testing the market and evaluating if they should innovate their own music devices to appeal musician market.

  28. Given that the performance was done using iPhones/iPods, the quality was pretty impressive. Its amazing what technology is capable of these days. The video is highly effective in displaying the bands talents and showcases Apple products in a positive and unique way. This is the kind of publicity that companies find extremely valuable, witnessed by the amount of attention it gained. The content is also very original. Pretty sure I have never seen a live performance done without actual musical instruments, especially on public transit. It’s a good example of the effectiveness and popularity of guerilla marketing. Spontaneous, active, in your face advertising that instantly grabs the attention of its intended audience.

  29. This is a really creative way to communicate a message. I like the concept. However, why did they do something like that in the subway of NYC? To get closer of their fans ? To deliver a message saying that you can find a singer that you like almost anywhere for free ? To promote Apple products ? To turn this concept into a viral video ? I think a bit of everything.
    It could have been better if they have split the screen between the four applications that the group is using on one side and the passengers reaction on the other.

  30. This is a great creative idea to promote the band and also promote Mac at the same time. The subway in NYC is always overwhelmed by people and these people who see the band gonna talk about it to their friends that gonna talk about it to their other friends. Great way to spread the information and to promote the band without spending a penny.

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