The latest in a series of celebrity spoofs use football quarterback Tom Brady as the spokesman for the Under Armour brand of undergarments. The video boasts some entertaining moments and tongue-in-cheek humor, but the brand message perhaps is lost of the viewer. After watching the video, I remembered the characters and even the quarterback, but I couldn’t really remember the products being promoted. Watch it here and then post your comment.


28 thoughts on “Funny or Die

  1. from a marketing and advertising perspective the ad is useless. It may create “goodwill” with Under Armour’s target public. Now more than ever Athletes are trying to create their own brands by doing promotions that enhance their own brand. i don’t know if this ad enhances Tom Brady’s Brand or retracts from it. He has a reputation for being arrogant, and difficult to work with which are qualities that most people would consider to be undesirable. It does not seem to enhance the Under Armour brand, which plays second fiddle to the skit. All in all I don’t get the purpose of the ad.

  2. This was a funny ad although I had no clue it was geared towards the Under Armour’s clothing. It was a great way to advertise Tom Brady getting frustrated and knocking things over and pushing the salesmen over. However, some individuals may look take this ad in a positive way while others look at the ad in a negative way. I think the ad is okay although it does not serve much of a purpose.

    1. I completely agree with this, I think that ads like this overshadow the true purpose or product of the ad. While people often remember the ad they also often forget the product it was for.

      1. I disagree with this. This wasn’t an ad, and I don’t think the purpose of this video was to highlight something about Under Armour.
        I think this was more of a PR effort rather than Advertising. To show that someone as awesome or successful as Tom Brady loves Under Armour, and they did it in a funny way. I think that people will relate to this.

    2. Yeah i agree this ad was pointless, i had no clue what it was actually trying to target. pointless ad

  3. I totally agree with Alex, the ad is useless from a marketing point of view, it didn’t say anything about the products/services. Moreover it was confusing, too long, and not funny to look at (Tom Brady wouldn’t be a good actor)..

  4. I agree with Alex, the ad is useless from a marketing point of view, it doesn’t say anything about the products/services features. Moreover I think it is confusing, too long, and not funny to look at (Tom Brady wouldn’t be a good actor)..

  5. I think the ad serves great purpose, what better way to refresh the minds of the consumers than to provide an ad using a controversial athlete to promote the brand? Even though Brady doesn’t even mention Under Armour in the ad, it’s still the hanging theme in the background; Under Armour is simply using this ad to serve as a reminder advertisement, they are going to increase hype and conversation about the ad while achieving the goal.

    1. I agree, I thought it was a great use of the brand in the background the entire time, and on everyone’s clothing that they were wearing. It actually stood out to me when he asks “can anyone help me” as he waves his hand across his Under Armour logo on his shirt. Most already know what Under Armour is (those who dont, its mostly clothing), and they are obviously in a clothing store. So I agree with you again about this being just a reminder ad. They definitely will need to follow through with more ads for it to be effective but I thought this was a good start

    2. You have a point there Harpreet but still for any ad to be successful i think they should at least mention the brand they are trying to advertise.

  6. I agree with everyone else when it comes to the brand, but at the same time, it wasn’t an ad. I hope for their sake that Under Armour didn’t pay a lot of money for this ad, as it would have been a bit of a waste. At the same time, I thought it was very funny, original, and did do a good job showcasing the brand, even if it wasn’t the star of the show.
    I think what it did great was show Tom Brady’s relationship with the brand. I did not know that Tom Brady was linked with Under Armour, and normally in order to get that type of celebrity endorsement exposure, it costs a lot more. Not only does the company have to pay enormous sums to the athlete, but they have to spend millions on advertisements just to make people aware of the relationship. This video got 1.1 million views on funny or die, as well as a couple hundred thousand on YouTube in just 9 days. And it was essentially free.

    So although there was not a strong brand presence, I think they did a good job at making the viewer laugh, and giving some subtle brand exposure as well.

  7. I really enjoyed this video, I thought it was great. I’m a marketing/advertising major as well and I saw the brand everywhere in this video. Under Armour is an extremely huge company on the east coast already. I just went to Maryland on spring break and saw it on everyone’s clothing, I actually asked my friend what it stood for (cause I hadnt really seen it before and was now seeing it all over) and he told me and told me that it was originated in Maryland. So the company already has a huge following base, possibly similar to Nike over here. Now the fact that they have a very famous athlete in their ad really makes an impact everywhere, cause everyone watches football (all states I mean). From more of an advertising perspective, anything that can tap into a viewers emotions, especially laughter, can be essential. In my opinion, if Under Armour does it right, they will have a series of commercials featuring Tom Brady. If they just left it at this one, the audience they were trying to reach may be lost, or forget about it.

  8. I disagree, I actually think this ad did a decent job of representing the brand of Underarmor. Consumers are smart, and advertises know this. You have to engage your audience by more than much telling about the product or offering some sale. I also think that this ad leaves an opening for follow up ads, based on the same theme. It is clear from the comments under the video that the company has done a good job of giving potential customers an opportunity to discuss the brand.

  9. I guess the purpose of the ad is to get people talk about the ad more than talk about the product that is being presented. Even though, people would remember Tom Brady, people can always remember that it is about UnderArmour.

    1. I agree with you. It is interested to see how companies have become more and more creative in their advertising. I think this is going back to our discussion about selective attention. People are experiencing information overload these days, so advertisers now have to create ads that will stand out from the crowd.

  10. This is not even an advertisement. Its a comedy clip that making fun of the athletics’s accent? Its annoying and has nothing to do with the brand or promote brand awareness, Its such a failure for an Ad that has the purpose on promoting the brand

  11. You could definitely see that it was an Under Armour ad, they did a good job placing their brand everywhere throughout the video. But there was only one mention of the brand itself and their products. I also think sometimes humor is a risky way to go, as I did not think it was funny which could cause a negative reaction from viewers towards the brand. It was a hit or miss ad and I think Under Armour missed the boat on this one.

    1. I totally agree with you. I didnt find teh ad very funny, and it kinda frustrated me that i wasted my time watching the clip. It really made no sense to me. It was suppose to be comedy? I only half laughed at the end when the wife was telling the gut he needed backup. If they paid for this as an advertisement, they wasted some serious money. Not sure who their target audience was.

  12. Well…i dont think this was an ad, and if it was, it did a very poor job at advertising the brand. Yes the brand was mentioned in the begining and may have been in the background, but if someone caught this 5-10 sec into the clip, they would have no idea what this was an ad for. in my opinion, it wasnt even that funny…not until the end. I think that people will be more interested in person and the skit than the message or product.

    1. I also don’t think this was funny at all. I think that underarmor must have paid something for this “non ad” and it is sad for them. I also question why Tom Brady would be part of this, I feel that with his prestige status he could choose his promotions a little wiser.

  13. Just from the quality of this video I hope they are not really trying to advertise for Dicks. Even as a a youtube video this is of poor quality and definitely not one I would show my friends; which is how videos go viral in the first place. Long commercials are okay, and are sometimes split up into 30 spots but this is horrible.

  14. I agree that this add is pretty useless and there’s not much in the way of actual marketing toward the brand. I’m a fan of the Patriots and Brady but not a fan of this ad. Not a wise choice.

  15. When I read you said you remember the the people but not the brand. It made me thought of an Apple Macintosh commercial, when they did an ad showing a bunch of revolutionary people who made a change in American history with a narrator’s voice talking about how different people, crazy people who are the creative people who made a change. The ad was motivating and persuaded and they did not mentioned anything about the product, just once at the end of the ad. Now, in this ad the brand was also not mention but seen around the setting, though I think they focus a little too much on the drama of not knowing who he is and then he became angry and violent at the end. I don’t think Under Armour customers, employees, and even Tom Brady want to be portray that way. Just my thoughts on the ad! There should only be one message for any brand or company. Not too sure what message was Under Armour is trying to convey in this ad?

  16. “Don’t want to be portray that way”….(I missed the word”don’t on my post towards the end, sorry)

  17. I think that this ad is entertaining but has no clear marketing message. I think that perhaps the brand did this long ad focusing on the “funny” dimension for people to remember it and then planning to create other ad of the same type that will be assimilated to his one and will be considered as funny. I think that the fact that the quarterback gets violent at the end doesn’t bring anything to the ad and breaks the funny dimension.

  18. Well, being a fan of the Patriots and absolutely loving Tom Brady, I thought that was amazing. My family is also from Boston so I completely understand the accent remarks. I thought it was hilarious and by no means had a hard time understanding it was for Under Armor. Throughout the entire commercial they are surrounded with the logo and because it was funny it kept my interest. I think sometimes commercials don’t need to be sooooo upfront because your subconscious memory helps you see the background and is marking it in your memory bank without you even knowing. Great commercial.

  19. I agree – I feel as though the product that was being advertised was lost in the cheesy humor. I feel as though they went on a little too long with the Boston accent impersonation, which then just made it annoying. In addition, it then madeTom Brady seem to be kind of cold hearted (I’ll refrain from using other words to describe him.) I feel as though they should have used the same overall story line and premise, but lightened up on the store employee attempting to impersonate the accent, made Tom Brady out to be a bit more kinder and light hearted, and then have the employee actually show him where the product he asked for was.

  20. I think this ad did more to promote Dick’s Sporting Goods than UnderArmor. We did see the photos of Brady by the UnderArmor rack.

    I get what you’re saying about the message. What was the brief? My best guess is that a media buyer found out that UnderArmor users like the Funny or Die platform. If that’s the case, then it’s simply a message of, “We get our fans, they like humor.” Unless you’re a fan of UnderArmor, then you aren’t the target audience.

    This video was from a couple years ago. Brady had bigger PR problems at the moment. How does “Deflategate” sound with a Boston accent?

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