Actions that get results is one way to measure a successful PR campaign. Since media outreach is a foundational principle of any campaign, consider the actions and results of a recent news announcement. The American Humane Association takes advantage of the collective public interest in the annual Academy Awards by issuing its own news release of pet Oscar(r) winners who win “Pawscars.” The creative news release, complete with video links appeared yesterday, distributed via PRNewswire.

The result? A news article and link in today’s issue of USAToday.


And that is just the beginning of the media coverage. It will likely be featured on numerous TV outlets and news media websites across the globe.

The power of PR to influence the media is real!


11 thoughts on “Measuring Success in PR

  1. I thought this was a great idea, when I heard about it. Pet people love their pets. Most families consider their cats and dogs as extensions of the family, and with so many eyes on the Oscars, it was a great opportunity to bring attention to the their cause and show how cute the animals are!

    1. I completely agree! I love watching the Oscars, and when I heard there was special attention being paid to our four-legged thespian friends I was even more excited! This was an excellent way to draw attention to a very worthy cause.

  2. I agree that with out doing a action, a company will get know where, even with the best ideas. The American Humane Association did a great job in trying to bring awareness of their project. They decided to connect their contest with the Academy Awards, where they know many, many people will be watching and will be interested in the pets as well. America love their dogs this is just another way to bring fun and ideas about their pets. The American Humane Association, also did a news release that was very catching “Pawscars”, people are unfamiliar and will wonder what it is so they clicked on it and its a a pet contest. Little creative words like these is the first action people will take, just by clicking on it and looking at it. This was a fun idea for the animals and great theme.

  3. I think that this is a great idea. I think that people don’t always realize how important the pets can be to their owners. They have their whole place in the families and the owner love to take care of them, talk about them and buy things fro them. I think that this is smart because it can also remain people how much their care about their animals and stimulate the sales of pets presents.

  4. I think this would be an excellent concept to have a oscars involving puppies, or a commercial or segment at least. I think that boo, one of the most expensive and well maintenance pets should have been in the commercial though. Although to develop certain nominees appears to be a difficult task, I say this because I myself do not have a pet so I wouldn’t know the value. However I think that those who love their pets would be more than happy to have their pet participate in the pawscars.

  5. The thought of how we measure success in PR came to mind while reading this. People love the Oscars, and love their pets even more. I am curious to know if the desired results were achieved. It is a cute idea, but how many people actually tuned in? PR did a great job getting the story out but was the event watched at the levels the company wanted? The PR department should not be docked if the goals of viewership were not achieved. Their jobs were to get the story featured in the news, and they did so.

  6. Like the rest of the comments before me, I too think this is pretty genius. The Oscars gain immense attention from the media, and is one of the most watched events on TV all year. The Oscars were the “purrfect” way to gain attention to a very worthy cause, and I hope other causes can think of clever ways to use the oscars for a little attention.

  7. it’s a great idea, pets are really helpful to human, i saw on the news there was a women who fall driving a bike and broke herself in a place where there was no signal, but with out the dog she would die in that place. the dog ran away and got her help by guiding people to her. i think these kind of dogs should get the Oscars

  8. This reminds me of the “Test Drive” video that Pepsi did in order to promote the product and cause people to wonder if it was a real undercover operation or a well-scripted campaign. Regardless of Pepsi’s directing choices I think companies should focus on ways to think of ways to create media that is interesting to their publics. Pepsi was able to reach customers, news media, and NASCAR enthusiasts (maybe, by this I mean they were able to reach a more male audience) who picked this up and forwarded it. I love viral videos, it’s an art and a science all in one. Some videos just come out of nowhere with regular people who become stars overnight and others are very well orchestrated by corporations with large budgets. The Pawscars was a creative and successful news release and other companies should take heed. With the way that mobile usage is increasing it wont be long till we’re all professional photographers and cinematographers wanting to share our gems with the world:)

  9. Briefly they bring to light something that I never knew existed! This is such an awesome example of how you can put PR right into effect and grab a million plus users’ attention onto something that is completely a distraction away from their daily lives because of the emotional appeal that comes from seeing these cute little bastards win pawscers.

    This just shows proves the fact that PR is all an attitude, and the way that you approach the people you want to communicate with. It is literally the answer for everything, weird huh?

    This is a great example, because it distracted, gave emotional appeal, and then brought a punch line for the human society. Good emotional appeal, good message, good cause. bang bang bang. PR done ch-ching.

  10. Today my company had their PR Firm give a brief Public Relations 101 presentation to our participating builders in one of our upcoming home shows and it was very similar to our principles discussed in our first couple of classes. They address “measuring success” and talked about how the value of PR is that it is free – just hard work and all about finding angles! You have to create leads that interest media groups, which the Humane Association did beautifully here.

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