For Laughs and Money

The venerable Old Spice brand has been creatively advertised in a new spot created by Portland ad agency Weiden and Kennedy. However, what has given the commercial added life was its placement on YouTube, with accompanying Facebook link. Then, to add more to its popularity (and generate some attention for its creators), another spoof was created by some students from my alma mater-BYU. I love them both! See for yourself and then imagine what could be done for your own brand with a little creativity.


Marketing and PR on a shoestring budget

When I started my business nearly eight years ago (March 2001), the U.S. was entering a period of economic stress, with unemployment rising and layoffs, many industry sectors were experiencing a downtown. Entering 2009, we’re in a similar position, arguably more significant, however the challenge to any business marketing and PR effort is the same: do more with less–or at least maintain in the face of economic gloom. In this blog, I’ll explore a few of these ideas in more detail so that your business can prosper & grow in spite of the lean times. For now, let me suggest a few tips:

Be resourceful- use existing resources, employees. Provide training where needed. Learn a new skill.

Research/survey your customer base – What do you really know about your best customers or the prospective customers you are trying to reach?

Targeted advertising – don’t waste your money on coupon clippers, yellow pages advertising or broad-based advertising. Use pay-per clicks, targeted e-mail distribution lists and reach out to your existing customer base.

Use Effective PR – this means using publicity techniques using time-tested PR tactics that deliver attention, buzz and more importantly customers.